Are you having Difficulty Seeing the small Font?

Well, if you are reading this and you are having troubles seeing the font, I have a hint for you!  It is a very neat trick taught to me over a year ago now by a special friend from Georgia.  You hold down your “CTRL” (Control) Key and at the same time scroll UP.  This will enlarge your font.  To reset it to standard settings just hold down ‘CTRL’ and the “0′ (zero).

The same thing can be accomplished by changing your resolution settings or the font that is standard for your Internet Browser or computer.  But, I like this little trick.

Quite a few folks have said this has helped them when I’ve posted it at Facebook and other social media sites so I thought I’d send out a blog about it.

Sending ‘warm wishes’ to all!

Make sure whatever you do, you soar to the highest heights at it! u18889761

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