Reach More People with your Facebook Business Page’s Content

fcbk_box_256Recently our team has been asked by multiple people for suggestions on how to have the content you post at your Facebook Business Page be seen more often and by more people in their Facebook News Feeds. This will help to increase the amount of people your Facebook Page is reaching. These people could be potential clients, could be connected to someone who may need your products or services or the people who are engaged on your Facebook Page can also help make people aware of your business.

One thing to keep in mind is that to achieve a large number of people seeing your Facebook Business Page’s posts you should focus on gaining more ‘Likes’, Comments, and Shares on the content that you are posting. The more often people are actually visiting your Facebook Business Page through the search bar and then “engaging” in your posts, the more often that your Facebook Page & it’s content will show up in their news feeds and notifications. Asking questions or taking polls are a great way to getting more people engaging with your page.

Another way to increase your visibility is to pay for a Facebook Ad, Promote or Boost a content post via a monetary amount. There are values in investing in this area of marketing, but for purposes of this writing, we are sharing how to increase your Facebook Page via organic or non-paid techniques. We’ll focus on Facebook paid advertising another time.


screen%20shot%20News%20Feed%201What we wanted to focus on here is information about the ‘See First in Your News Feed’  feature from Facebook. Once someone has ‘Liked’ a Facebook Business Page, they can then choose to see posts and receive notifications from that page more often. If you are the Admin of the Facebook Page, we suggest you do this! The way accomplish this is:  Visit the Facebook Business Page & Hover over where it says ‘Liked’ as seen in the screen shot.

screen%20shot%20News%20Feed%202Next, Select ‘See First’ for News Feed and select which notifications you want to see from that page. See this completed, as shown in screen shot.

Now you will receive posts from this page at the top of your Facebook news feed and receive notifications when this page posts or shares content. This is a fantastic way to educate your customers and those who already ‘Like’ your Facebook Business Page to help them see your posts more often which you could do in person or post about this on your Facebook Business Page. Also you can now utilize this for Facebook Pages that you want to see posts from more often.

We hope that you found this helpful to you! Please let us know how we may help you with social media, email or website marketing tools! 🙂