Pinterest More For Business than Instagram in Social Media Marketing

Pinterest and Instagram are two photo-sharing social networking sites where you can upload photos for other people to see. Although they basically have the same purpose, they are not identical. Pinterest is essentially an online bulletin board that allows you to share photos related to your business. By creating ‘boards’ that target particular topics you can attract users who are searching for topics related to your business or products. Instagram however allows users to share photos taken on a smartphone with other users but inhibits users mainly working from a computer as you cannot add photos without a smartphone.
Typically, you will find teens and millenials are the primary demographic of where in contrast 28% of adult internet users were on Pinterest as of January 2015! For businesses targeting women, or in niches commonly catering to women, Pinterest has become an absolute must. This includes businesses in the retail sector, as well as those related to food, crafts, jewelry, home-décor, blogging and more as they can provide photos of their products or services.

Where Pinterest really shines in comparison to Instagram is in its ability to drive significant amounts of website traffic: Shareaholic Online reported that in December 2014, Pinterest drove just over 5% of all webpage visits (it is second only to Facebook in terms of referral sources). An additional difference between the two is that most people use Instagram to target friends from other Social Media sites where as those who go on Pinterest are typically going to find things that interest them and that they may be interested in buying.

If you are considering listing your business on Pinterest or have a business account on Pinterest that has been inactive for a bit be sure to try these tips to increase the amount of business referrals received from Pinterest!


  1. Build Content Rich Boards Around Your Niche. You want to build content rich boards and curate your content just as you would on any other social network. Pin your products and your content to themed boards on Pinterest with shortened links that allow you to track your Pinterest traffic.
  2. Like Other People’s Pins. If you come across pins that you like but aren’t necessarily useful to your audience or be something that you want to pin to one of your boards, you may want to consider liking them rather than repining them. Anytime you like someone’s pin, it will show up in their activity feed. This may grab their attention and get them to follow you.
  3. Mention Other Users. You can mention others in your Pinterest comments or pin descriptions to get their attention or to recognize someone specific. A ‘mention’ is very similar to Facebook and Twitter. Type the @ symbol before starting to type the name of the person. A drop down box will appear and your choice should be displayed there for you to select.

Written by: Matt Tyson of The Virtual Assistance by Anita Team