Life is a Rollercoaster

Okay usually when I blog it is to share something of value for social media – a tip or trick to help you.  Or I blog to share with others something positive in my life; like the community who surrounded me last year and gave me a new ‘extreme smile makeover’ but today … this is an Eeyore day.

An Eeyore day defined by me is one where I just feel like my ‘house of sticks is falling down’ – The black rain cloud is only over my head – you get the picture!

I have to say that most of the time life is just like a rollercoaster – sometimes we are climbing, working along towards the top and then we are there and then we crash down straight to an unexpected place that we didn’t necessarily prepare for ahead of time!

This is where I am – at the rushing straight downward spiral, afraid, excited and a ton of other emotions all at one time.  Something very unexpected in my life happened yesterday; it was not a minor thing either; but now I know it will be the way that I embrace it that makes all the difference.  I cannot change it; it is what it is.  Which means – find the opportunity; deal with it and stop letting the emotions carry me along. straight downward…

Life is a rollercoaster and you just never know where you are going to be!  Or it is like a box of chocolates … You all know that one…   Be well – find the opportunity – Enjoy the Ride!!


  1. Nothing ever happens to you that you cannot deal with, as long as you choose to deal with it. Dealing with it doesn’t mean going it alone either, which is the first mistake most people make. Seek out the support of people around you who can help you through. You have been there for a lot of people yourself, so now it’s someone else’s turn and opportunity to be there for you.

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