Just that One Person

Has there ever been in your life just that one person that touched you – made a difference in your life – I mean they weren’t looking for anything from you – just wanted to be there for you.

A great deal of the time you don’t even realize as you go through your crazy life – much has to be accomplished – family stuff,  work,  the shopping, etc. – And, then one day – the realization hits you like the hot sunshine of August in the south.  This person really cares about me.  They are a special gift from God.  Most times this ‘light bulb doesn’t come on’ until this Angel on earth is gone; whether by moving to a place far away where there is no daily contact or by joining God in heaven.  

It seems we all go through life just not realizing that this person who is next to us right now is special.  It may not be your life long bff, but if you look, listen and realize as you go through your daily activities, there is a person like that in all of our lives.

For me – I have been lucky to have had many special, caring people.  These people have surrounded me with friendship, love, and support through many areas of my life.

Let us all remember – contacts – online or in person – are people and you never know this could be that one person that may touch your life – or even more important than that – you could touch theirs.Anita

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