Facebook Tagging (Part 2)

Hello All,

Thanks so much to those that are reading my stuff and gave me such great input on my last post entitled “Tag – You’re It”!  This was about how to tag people in a post or a photo on Facebook.

Here are a few items that may have been unclear in my prior post –

  • When tagging some one or a fan page at Facebook, here is how it should look:

@AnitaMHicks or @VirtualAssistancebyAnita

Please note that you should begin to see your ‘friends’ list appear as you type in the name or fan page name after the @ sign.  Choose from your list the person that you wish to tag or the name of the page. When you do this, it will become a ‘clickable’ or hyperlink to their profile or page.

In a photo – Below and usually to the right in a photo album, there is a place that says “Tag your Photo”.  Click on this and you will begin the process.  Just hover over the person in the picture and your list of friends should appear.  You can simply click on the person you wish to tag.

I am hoping this helps!  I wish you all a day filled with sunshine and may you see a few dragonflies, too! 🙂

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