Brrr… It’s cold outside

Snow flakeYes, about November in Maryland, I begin to say this Brrrr” I am so cold“.  The winter time never really was my favorite as I am a summer gal and love the beach.  But, recently I realized through a special friend what a difference the weather and season of the year has on your life.  I used to get so frustrated in November when I wanted to rearrange all the storage stuff with my husband and prepare for the holidays, and it would never happen.  I can remember back a few years trying to coordinate some type of activity for Girl Scouts in January and again experiencing that wondering  thought – “Why is this not working?

Recently, my wonderful friend, Shari Sternberger, connected the dots for me.  Winter is not a time of renewal or moving forward that is spring.  Why am I fighting against the seasons to do spring cleaning in the fall?  No wonder it would never work.  This year I accepted that the cleaning for Christmas and the decoration organization would happen in December.  I had so much less stress when the tree did not come out in November.  I just accepted it.  I enjoyed Thanksgiving and did not give it a thought. Ok, for a second I thought about it and then I remembered –   Shari says this is not the time.  Here is a great article she wrote about this in The Village Connector Community News – “Are you Listening to Mother Nature?”

It made my life so much more joyful.  Maybe it is just the ability to ‘let it go’ after all these years, but whatever it is – I am happier.  My acceptance that during the holidays is not the time to prepare for January’s Girl Scout meeting has given my kids and hubby a much more peaceful time.  We’ve actually played a few family games together.

The snow that usually puts me in a ‘tizzy’ worrying about the husband who has to drive in it and the kids being home while I’m trying to work.  Ah, well is this year’s attitude from me.  It’s snowing – Danny will be fine – he’s been driving in it for 20 + years and the kids Have to be respectful or I’ll take away their computers!  Acceptance that it is going to snow – I cannot change the season!  This is working for me.

Yes, Brrrr, it IS cold, so I’ll get another cup of tea and put on my warmer socks.  I’ll check the antifreeze in the mini-van and make sure the kids have extra stuff to eat.

But, I will not try to make winter into spring anymore. Thanks Shari! 🙂

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