What Is A Virtual Assistant?

Really – I’ve now had so many people ask me – So,  just what does a Virtual Assistant do ??

“Starting a home business sounds like a terrific idea, until you realize all that’s involved in getting it up and running. So getting some assistance really helps–especially if it doesn’t cost a lot of money.” – Washington Post

Yes, there is all that pesky paperwork that is involved in being a business owner, but being a Virtual Assistant (VA) is more than virtual paperwork.  As I have begun to learn,  from one whom I consider to be the very best at this VA stuff, Kim Wesley, of TKM Virtual Services, being a VA is so much More

Ok, so maybe I am making a huge leap here as I’m very new and in training ,  But,  if I may,  from all the many articles I’ve read, my own experience, my social media accounts, from books and from many VAs blogs, here is what I think a VA does. 

A VA helps clients to handle their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and their emails.  A VA also can help to establish, maintain and give reports on your business clients; creating a database from business contacts and social networking events.  A good VA will then use these to continue your online presence for your company. 

A VA can also launch marketing campaigns, books or magazines, media campaigns on products.  These type of specialized areas for VAs are common as much online and networking has to be done in advance of the event. 

A VA can be the online dedicated, daily presence that continues to be sure your words get out there.  She works through all the many items you might like to share on the various media networks and forums.  She spends the endless time in the chair while you are promoting your business, making your product, and doing your thing.

I mean I may be new to this field, but I can Read what is right in front of me –

  • 50 million followers are on Twitter
  • LinkedIn is used by a vast array of businesses to locate employees
  • 1 out of 8 Married couples in the US last year met thru a Social Media site  (Wow, now that one amazed me)
  • Facebook added over 100 million users in a single year
  • Newspaper circulation is going down …

A VA can be the one that looks through that pile of business cards turning them into a database and then tagging them for birthdays, business owners’ events, and thank you’s.  It adds value to every business owner when it’s clients receive thank yous and birthday cards.  The client now remembers your name and may not only return for more business, but also refer you. 

A Virtual Assistant can be the one extra that your company just might need to send it to straspheric success. 

What do you think?  What Have I forgotten that a Virtual Assistant (VA) does?  Please send me any and all of your comments.  ~ Anita


  1. Anita,

    Your blog looks great! I’ve been doing you a diservice though in only showing you the social media aspects of being a VA. There is SO much more! Here are just a few websites that show the hundreds of things a VA can do:



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