The power of social media

Hey, now you know that term ‘the power of social media’ or  ‘the power of the Internet’ has crossed your path lately.  It is used in news about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and by lots of business folks everyday.  It seems to be the new marketing phrase.  “The power of social media”  I didn’t buy into this 100% until recently when I had several direct personal experiences with it.

First, since becoming a Virtual Assistant, I have ‘the power of social media’ in my life everyday as I make new friends and am able to reconnect with old friends.

But, it is when I experienced ‘the power of social media’ as a direct result of a status update that made me really ‘believe’ in this creature.  Recently, I purchased a new ‘used’ car.  I was very impressed with the service that the dealership provided to me.  It seemed like the obvious thing to do to post a status update at Facebook on my personal profile on how great they were at Auto-Net Sales.  In just a few days, a friend called me.  She was having lunch with a friend of hers. During their conversation, the subject had arisen that her friend was in the market for a car.  My friend remembered my post about the car dealership and wanted to get more information.  She called me.  “The power of social media!”

Another especially great example in my life of ‘the power of social media’ was through a donation of Girl Scout cookies by a friend’s business, Mobile Car Wash and Detailing.  Ernest Reed purchased the cookies to help my girls and the U. S. soldiers.  I then posted a thank you on his Facebook Fan page for Mobile Car Wash and Detailing along with the link to the GSCM U.S. Mint program, where others could donate Girl Scout cookies to U. S. soldiers.

Business folks that I respect have been telling me for a few months now how important being involved on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and so many more that I am beginning to experience.  As a Virtual Assistant, I explain everyday to business folks the value of having a Facebook Fan page for their business.  “The power of social media” is really a true concept! 🙂

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