Tag – You’re It!

Lately quite a few folks ask me about how to ‘Tag some one in a post or a photo’ at Facebook”.  Tag – You’re it!

Here are a few tips for how and when you might want to do this.

This is a pretty recent feature that Facebook has added. To Tag someone’s personal profile or their fan page at Facebook – Just follow these few steps:

To Tag someone or a fan page in a post –

  1. Type in @ + the name of the person or the name of the fan page (@ is the shift + number 2)
  2. This will bring up your list of friends or fan pages
  3. Choose the appropriate one from the list
  4. Now in the post you should see that this is a ‘clickable link’ or hyperlink to the person’s profile or the fan page
  5. This allows your friends to easily be able to locate this person or fan page
  6. In addition when you share your post, it will appear on that person’s profile (wall) or on their fan page

A very good use of this is if you want to thank them for something they have done for you.  For example you could post – “Thank you to @ + the name of someone and say thanks for helping me today.  This tells all of your network of folks that you appreciate this person.

To Tag a picture:

  1. Just click on the button below the picture that says “Tag someone in picture”
  2. Or click on the photo in the album
  3. Begin typing their name and it will bring up your list again
  4. This time check off the box next to the person’s name

I hope this little tidbit of information has helped some of you that have been asking! 

TAG – You’re it! 🙂

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