Send a message to All the Fans of Facebook Page

Recently, a few folks who I think of as very knowledgeable with regard to social media told me that they were not aware that you can send one message to All the Fans of your Facebook Fan page at one time.   Facebook hides this cool feature in the “Edit Page” settings.  It was my great pleasure to be able to share this with some great friends and colleagues and now I will share it with you.

To send a message to All the Fans of a Fan page, you must first be the “Admin” or administrator of that page.  Access “Edit Page”, which should be under your page’s graphic or picture.  In the “Edit Page” mode, scroll down and look at the right side.  There is a link which says “Send an Update to Fans” .

When you click on this option, it brings up a message / email sheet.  The “To” is already completed with all the fans of the page.  You may type in your subject, message and even add a smile or heart icon at the end.

I hope this tidbit of information helps!  🙂

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