One person Can Make a Difference

We hear it all the time – Just One Person Can Make A Difference – One drop when added with all the other drops makes a great ocean – Or I like the visual – A candle lighting ceremony where one candle lights the person’s next you and on and on.  We each do what we can do help others and make this world a better place – one at a time.

In My Life this year One Person has made all the Difference!  And Today is her Birthday – Happy birthday to Kim Wesley!

You see, about 8 years ago I met Kim through the joy of Girl Scout leadership.  She & I have been friends through the years.  She is the kind of friend that you can call in the middle of the  night and she will magically appear with a big smile and help!  She is the kind of friend who helps everyone whom she comes into contact. I don’t have to see her every day, talk with her or communicate in any way, but I always know she is there!

Last year Kim introduced me to the world of being a Virtual Assistant.  From my time as a VA, I have  met so many wonderful people who have truly changed my life and the way that I look at my future.  I love working with the clients that I have the pleasure of serving and social media support has become such a labor of love for me.  As if that were not enough – Kim also introduced me to a ton of folks who created “Mother’s Self Care”.  This has been a 9 month program of improvements to my health which have created a healthier me.  I have  so much more hope for the future.  Kim may only be one person, but she has truly made a huge difference in my life, especially in this past year.

It is through Kim’s encouragement to become a VA that I have met a community of people that support and help me every day.  One person can make a difference!

Many thanks to Kim and all the folks that touch my life as I approach one year as a VA and I near the end of my journey.

Happy birthday Kim! 🙂


  1. I agree with the title. One person can make a difference, so if you think that you can help change the world in a better one, then do so.

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