My Extreme Smile is ‘almost’ Complete

🙂 Last January, I began a journey in my life of health, wellness, education and new hope for my life.  This journey is an incredible gift given to me called “Mother’s Self Care” program.  I was nominated by Kim Wesley, my very dear friend in this world.  Kim wrote this about the program – “A Mother’s Self Care” .  Patsy Anderson & Women’s Expo created the program based on Mia Redrick’s Time for Mom-Me book and organization.

My basic story is that I’ve been a mom who worked many jobs over the past 17 years in order to be home with my children.  These jobs gave me no health or dental insurance.  My teeth decayed and the infection in my gums eventually after 17 years seeped into my blood stream.  A few years ago the doctors were gravely concerned for my long term health.

This is where a Mother’s Self Care came in to my life.  Kim nominated me, Patsy located sponsors like Mia Redrick, Bob Bauer of Coffee News, the team at Transformations Fitness for Women, Cindy Carter of Cancer Support Foundation and Pat Kutchins of Just for You Gift Baskets.  In addition, there were many others who helped to raise funds, gave me nutritional help,  energy healing and surrounded me with a community of love and support.  My very caring friend, Glenn Garnes, of The Village Connector Community News, connected me to a cosmetic dental lab, Debbie Schmidt at New Image.  Debbie was the one who introduced me to my wonderful, amazing dentist, Dr. Marcus Tappan.  It has been Dr. Tappan and his awesome staff who have transformed my health into a beautiful new extreme smile.  My body is free of all infection and I am a healthier, stronger, and happier person.

I have learned balance in my life.  A valuable asset taught to me by Mia Redrick’s program, “If I take care of me, I can be more for my children, husband, clients, and my community around me.”

After all these months, I am now going to Dr. Tappan’s office next week for a final visit.  I will have to return every six months for check ups, but my journey is nearly complete.

For those who have been waiting, new photos will be uploaded by the first week in November onto my social media sites.

It has been such a learning experience!  I have learned to be more patient and that there are many people who will help you, even when they don’t know you.  I have new hope for the future.

On Monday, October 25th, 2010, Patsy Anderson invites all those who have been so helpful to me this year to the final celebration of my Mother’s Self Care.  We will be at Forest Park Golf Course, 2900 Hillsdale Road, Baltimore, MD  21207 at 10:00 am.

I appreciate the community of people who have reached out to me, assisted me and cared for me.  I am grateful every day to all of you.

My heart is filled with gratitude for this incredible gift to my life.

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