Moving – A Lesson in Embracing Change

1010 Chestnut Haven Court - Our 'new' home

Moving – Just the sound of it instills an uneasy feeling in my stomach. As renters my husband and I know that this is always just 60 days away at any given time.  We sign leases knowing that with just a single sheet of paper, the person who owns our home can essentially give us 2 months to find another one.  We try not to think about this and have over the past 20 years built roots in our community. As the daughter of a Navy Mechanic and then Railroad engineer, as a child, moving was something we did often; sometimes twice in one year – ugh.  I am proud to say in the past 20 years we have only moved our children 4 times!

On July 22nd at about 4 pm our mail arrived, along with it the certified letter asking us to vacate the property by September 30th.  This is our home where we and our 3 children live, work and grow – not a property.  My first reaction was total fear and anger at our landlord – why is he doing this – we had a good relationship.  Instead of embracing this and thinking of where he might be – I began to fall apart almost immediately into what my husband calls “Eeyore mode”.

Two days of this worrying – My oldest son, Matt, is 23 and home from the Air Force for about a year now -not only with a physical injury he will carry with him for the rest of his life, but with a lack of direction in his life until recently – this move would be very hard on him as he lives with us.  My middle son, DJ, is a Senior in High School, has huge issues socializing and making friends is hard for him.  I worried more – my DJ will be devastated.  My baby girl, Hannah, 13 years old this year in 8th grade and to pull her from the roots she’s just beginning to make would hurt.  I worried about our recently purchase of a rescue kitten, after 6 years of saying “No Pets” to my kids – how would we find a rental with a cat? Now we all LOVE Shadow, a lovable black kitten. I cried, I fussed, I was upset.  Finally, the light bulb went off in my head — and my husband’s stern looks – whipped me into Action mode.  First Action:  Call in some help.

This was a tough one.  I am the first one to say yes to helping others. Giving back to my community is just a part of who I am.  I Teach the kids, if someone asks for help, then try to do all you can to help.  But, when it comes to me asking for help for me – a big knot forms in my stomach every time; no matter that these are folks who I adore and know care for me, it is difficult to ask.  But, I did.  (I admit, looking back, after I asked – I felt so much better.)

Calls for help to a much respected friend to get advice on what to do – my wonderful friend says – CALL the landlord & ask why! In doing so, I find that he is going through a life changing event and needs his home for his daughter and self.  Will give us excellent reference! Next, call my friend who has much expertise in homes and she directs me to the paths needed to proceed. It was her knowledge and guidance that opened the path to our new home.  I reached out for help to my friends who would give me personal references.  These steps of action began to make moving seem less fearful.  Maybe we would be able to do this and quickly before school started.  A little hope was seeping into my soul, as I looked at things for a solution with a positive attitude.

I am pleased to say that by August 6th we had signed a new lease.  The home is much newer, cleaner, a larger kitchen and the children have more space.  My new office for Virtual Assistance by Anita is fabulous!  I have a window!  The neighborhood is fabulous and the kids are still in the same schools! Wow! Even more important to my husband and I is that we have more hope for the future than ever before!

'Our old home'

A note:  My family & I are exhausted.  It is hard work moving; emotionally and physically.  The hours required to actually move and clean the old house; prepare it to give back to landlord, were much more than expected.  My wonderful friend, who is a Realtor, told me recently “Moving is the third largest stress in your life.” – Wow – I would certainly agree, after had just done it.  Now, my business will need a little extra help to get back on track – once again – I have asked for help!  A new young, fresh face will be added to our team to help us back onto a solid track from missing hours to move and internet service, phone service.  This young lady is an intern – more later on that!

It is my great joy to report that my clients are some of the most understanding and caring folks!  Many reached out to me – asking how they could help me! – and here, I was just worried that I might not be able to supply our usual high level of service to them.

Many thanks to all of you who reached out to help me and give my family this new, beautiful home!  We so appreciate you!

The lesson:  Once I embraced the changed, enlisted a little help and found my positive attitude, the world was good!  In the end, this change has been one with many new and better opportunities for my business and my family.  The lesson is to: Be Positive!  🙂


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