How much hope do you have in you life?

Most of us just feel like this is a word. Something that we use in sentences like “I hope that it doesn’t rain or I hope that I can achieve my goals in business.” But, do you really have hopes?  Moms will often say they hope that they will dance at their daughter’s wedding.

I said for the past 7 years that I would only be at my daughter’s wedding in spirit. She knew that I had little hope of seeing my now 12 year old daughter to her wedding day. She knew that mom did not have hope that her body would make it that far. However, I’ve had plenty of hope that God would give me all that I needed to be there in spirit. Quite often over the past 7 years, I would say to my husband or my best friend, “Please, be there for Hannah.”

Now, I have HOPE. The hope that I will dance at my daughter’s wedding.

My issues have been all about decaying teeth, which in turn infected my gums and then went into my blood stream. After many years of being a stay at home mom with no insurance, I had accepted my situation.  There was no way to financially repair the situation after all the 20 years that it took to get this far along.  And, After all, it was a sacrifice well made to be with my children, as they took their first steps, or went to the first day of school, or just walked in the door and yelled mom – and I was there.  It was a blessing to have that opportunity with my children.

Most folks don’t realize that decaying teeth, means infection, bacteria that creates not only a situation in your mouth, but also in your body This can have long term negative effects on your health.  Then there is the not eating.   How are you to eat fresh fruits, vegetables or even proteins, with very little teeth or ones that cause you extreme pain. It is a vicious circle. One that I have experienced firsthand.

If you are in need of dental work and you allow it to continue on without professional assistance, it will infect your entire body, take over your life and leave you in a place where there is no reason to hope.

I have HOPE now though. This year through the love of one of my best friends in this world, and many others caring and generosity, I have been given an incredible gift of Mother’s Self Care. My surgeries are completed and all the infection is gone. Soon I will have an extreme smile makeover.

But, more than that I have been given a healthier future. A chance to eat healthy foods again, gain weight, be less tired and less prone to sickness. To me though, the most incredible gift is that I have learned balance. I am learning to take care of myself and take care of my family, my volunteer work as a Girl Scout leader and my business.

Above all of that is the amazing and caring gift of HOPE. I have hope that I will dance at my daughter’s wedding, I may be able to live at the beach and volunteer for my beloved Girl Scouting program for many more years. There is HOPE that I have a future.  Lately many friends, who are like Angels on Earth to me, have given me hope that my new VA business will succeed, also.

Many thanks to Kim Wesley and all of my many Mother’s Self Care sponsors and friends that have helped me.
I am almost at the end of the process and now I will be able to smile on the outside with what I feel on the inside very soon.   My heart is filled with much gratitude.


  1. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. Dear Anita,
    I have always believed that God puts us where we are suppose to be, in order to do his good work.
    If we allow ourselves to be open to what is put before us, we can all change the world. The stars and the moon will line up, if we allow it. Believing in the power of YOU, believing that each and everyone of us have the power to do great things, NOW . There is no real beginning or end to good work. Did this journey start with meeting Mia Redrick, hmmm, or was it with Kim Wesley, or perhaps Stephanie Poplar who introduced me to radio, where I interviewed Mia many years ago, no maybe Nancy Daniel, through Moms Inc where I met Kim, hmmm no must have been my craft show days, when Nancy was a crafter with me, perhaps the credit starts with 5OAks SWim Club where I began my shows, or Nancy Meyer who believed in me , and introduced me to CCBC where I developed the Womens Expo, hmmm or my family who supported my craft shows that got me into business, no, I would say my parents for my creative mind, hmmm or is it GOD who began this journey who created me, who created US. Anita this is only the beginning of the journey that has been put before us. “A Mothers Self CARE”, I had no idea until last night, that the extreme make over smile, that will give you , your life back, was exactly that. I thought your life back, meant being able to be out in public. I had no idea, or real understanding, that you could have and would have lost your life over dental care. I know that there are many wonderful causes, and a need to find cures. BUT, to think someone would loose their life from something that we have a solution for , such as dental work, is sooo sad. Again, we can not aniticipate where we will be lead , when we extend our heart and hand. I HOPE Anita that this experience will lead to educate others how important Dental Care is , I HOPE we can find others and help change their life too.. From this experience I HOPE one day , when your children are grown, that from this experience WE can educate and continue this great work. I HOPE together we can start a non profit that will CHANGE the world. I want every mom to DANCE …. to DANCE in life, with a bright smile on her face… Will I DANCE at my daughters wedding… I HOPE YOU DANCE…. please tell me you know that song. hmmmm that is my song to my boys, I have played it at many meetings I have held and had my friend Nellie perform it in sign language.
    See Anita it never ENDS. I HOPE YOU DANCE. is one of my favorite SONGS…

  3. You know, it’s difficult to get ready for Girl Scouts this evening when I can’t see properly. Silly tears. Hugs my dear, dear friend.

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