Happy New Year & Facebook Changes!

balloonsHappy New Year to All!

It is a New year – 2011!  New possibilities, New abundance and a New Hope for 2011!!

As we all settle back into a regular work schedule from the holidays, remember that 2011 means many New changes at Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg and his team have been informing us through Facebook reminders and many media outlets that 2011 will have new software changes allowing users to connect more easily.  In this You Tube video, by CBS titled, Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook, we are told Facebook is moving forward!

What do these changes mean?  Oh, you want it in English not Facebook language? facebook_cloud

Okay – here’s what I can do for you – Facebook changes will include a few of these things –

  • New Profiles for both Personal and Business pages
  • No more Boxes or Customized Tabs
  • New Page coding changes – No more FBML boxes by January, 2011

Here are the few things we know about the new profiles and pages.  Many of the almost 600 million users are now experiencing the new profile pages.  These are showing the work, education and location information from the “Info” tab right at the top of your profile.  Your featured photos are the ones based on who has tagged you recently in a photo.  The new profiles will also give you to the left the important people in your life.  You can manipulate this data by inputting or removing the data from the Info tab.  Or by clicking on “Featured” Photos and move them around.  Your family pics only show if you give that info.

These new changes will become the profile template for business pages soon.

Well, it sounds pretty good so far, what are we missing?  Okay, did you have a “Flair”, “Sports Favorite Page” or any other customized navigational tab before the new profile?  Well – ta dah – they are gone!  Did you like being able to put your status in the left ‘status’ box and at the top of your profile?  Too bad, they are gone.  The status was a ‘box’ and remember, boxes are gone!

As far as Facebook Pages for Business (new name they are calling them now – no longer ‘Fan Pages’) – there are going to be changes to the way “Welcome pages” are created.  Any custom page or navigational tab is creating through Facebook’s code (FBML).  During the first week of January, the FBML will be eliminated.  Any pages created prior to that will be fine!  But, if you are a virtual assistant or computer programmer / designer of Facebook pages, you had better begin learning Java Script or IFrames ASAP!

Those folks who have custom tabs for their testimonials, charts or data for your business or any other personalized tabs may experience some sizing issues after the first of the year, also.  The 500 pixels existing size is still under review by Facebook.

Welcome to the New Year!  Here’s wishing you the most abundant 2011 possible! 🙂

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