Get More Visitors to Your Facebook Page

Do you want more people to Like your Facebook Page?

Whether you are using Facebook for business, community or non-profit purposes, most of us want to get more visitors to our page. These are more visitors to read, like, comment and share our content. These are folks who may become our clients or help us with our mission.

The huge question РHow?  Well, as in all things, there are many ways to attract more people to your Facebook Page. Here are a few items my team and I have learned that help:

  • Reviews – Do you have these enabled and available? Reviews at Facebook are testimonials. They offer the visitor the opportunity to give you Stars – 1 through 5 and of course, we all want “5 Stars”! Once the visitor begins to select the stars, a new window opens where they are prompted to leave wording about the page. According to a survey by Forbes, 93% of people log into the internet to find a testimonial. How do you get Reviews on your Page at Facebook? First you must include a full address in the About tab, enable the map selection for a Place setting on Google & Bing, and as if by magic, the Reviews App will appear at the left and in the More section.
  • Share – By sharing posts from your Facebook Page to your personal Facebook profile, you will reach more people. Asking others to share your posts also increases the amount of people you are reaching. This will naturally attract new people that will Like your page.
  • Facebook Ads – In most cases, online advertising is excessively expensive and the audience you reach is small compared to your outlay of funds, however, Facebook is unique. Their ads can be run with small amounts of money and you can use a budget you set in advance, rather than per click fees. Facebook Editor tool gives the ability to target certain areas or age ranges for your advertising, giving you more value for your dollar.

Questions on how to do any of these items? Contact my team and we will help!

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