Dragonfly Poem


DragonflyA Dragonfly – By Wendy L. Zake – 2008

A DragonFly lay at my feet, a symbol of renewal,

it’s perfect shape defined the moment of interrupted travel

it’s wings spread in flight.

A beautifully emblazoned jewel like body,

observed as the Power of Light.

At every turn our intuitive eyes may feast upon nature,

that elevates us to higher ground, transporting us to possible

transcendental perceptions.

Reflecting an idea of maturity, as my own true colors come forth,

a form of mysticism, a power to reflect and refract light and color,

an illusion causing others only to see what I wish.

Many thanks to my friend, Kim Wesley, who has touched my life on many occasions, as she sent this beautiful poem to me in a card with her wishes of abundance! It is so worthy of sharing that I have given it a page!  I will share more poems about dragonflies here and update all as I do!  Thanks! Take care!