What’s New With Social Media Marketing This Summer?

Summer has arrived and temperatures are on the rise as many of us see things cooling down around the office as colleagues, clients and media contacts are leaving for respective vacations, trips and other excursions. Even as these Summer days may seem like down time you can actually use the Summer to be very productive on Social Media as you market your business! Are You Ready To See What’s New With Social Media Marketing This Summer?

Please find these hints and tips helpful as you continue to create and share engaging content for potential clients and past customers to enjoy and interact with this Summer. Don’t forget to check out the articles about current happenings in Social Media found at the end of this blog.

Here are some great ways to help promote yourself, and your business on Social Media this Summer:

Take Advantage of Seasonality for Content
The Olympic Games in Rio, heatwaves, music festivals, cultural events or BBQs. The choices are endless. So use this time to maximize your Social Media efforts with what’s trending right now. School holidays are also topical over the Summer, with parents looking for ideas on how to entertain their children on Summer break.

Create New Content
Use this time to create a bank of new content that you can tap into over the coming months. This could be in the form of blogs or more engaging graphics and videos. These are great for building Social Media engagement.

Time For Good Housekeeping
Polish up your Social Media accounts. Are they all active? Are they providing useful content and you receiving good engagement? For example on LinkedIn you may want to use this time to reconnect with your followers (and maybe clear out the inactive ones).


While taking advantage of these great insights, also consider reviewing helpful articles found below that discuss what’s new with Social Media in Summer 2017:

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Product Sales

Looking to increase the amount of product sales referrals you are receiving this Summer from Facebook without having to invest in Facebook ads?

This article from Social Media Examiner online discusses organic ways to gain more followers, likes and overall interaction on Facebook with proven techniques. To read the article in full Click Here.


How Your Startup Can Harness The Power of Social Media

Social Media provides numerous benefits for companies and businesses that are just starting out. This is because Social Media marketing helps to increase brand awareness, create a meaningful connection with customers and more.

If you are ready to start a new company this Summer or just want to further improve your existing Social Media marketing don’t miss the chance to read this think piece from Forbes by Clicking Here.


The Virtual Assistance by Anita team wishes you a fantastic and productive Summer. We hope you continue to fly your business to new heights this year!!!

Enjoy And Share Live Videos With Facebook Live!

Have You Heard?

Facebook wants you to enjoy live video … on Facebook! So much so that the company recently released a dedicated video space on its mobile app and online platform in the hopes that you will watch and broadcast more videos live.

1460033419-12288-Facebook-IncFacebook Live videos are real-time video posts on Facebook. Live videos from public figures you follow and your friends will appear in your News Feed. When you’re watching a live video or a video that was live, you can tap or click Subscribe to get notified the next time that Facebook account starts a live broadcast. With Facebook Live, you can show your expertise in real time, take people behind the scenes, and much more!

Facebook’s efforts to get you to watch and broadcast live videos isn’t arbitrary. With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook and Facebook users have a real opportunity to showcase breaking news, intimate personal moments, and behind-the-scenes stories from just about anywhere in a way that surpasses TV networks and other media outlets. All of which is pretty incredible!

Before you create the next Facebook Live video for your business, personal life, a non profit or networking group you are a part of or more, be sure to review and follow five tips for creating and promoting your video from Social Media Examiner by Clicking Here.


Written by: Matt Tyson of The Virtual Assistance by Anita Team

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Account

Do YOU want to learn tips on how to use your LinkedIn account?

Did you know? LinkedIn has recently enhanced their platform.

Attend this workshop at the beautiful Smartly Spaced offices and these are a few of the items we will discuss to assist you!

  • Events – Using LinkedIn to promote your events
  • Groups – Ways to locate groups in your area and online
  • Wording – Summary, Title and Body of Profile – key words

For details on this June 16th class or to RSVP click here.

Vote for us to Win New Computers

Hello again friends!  About a month ago, my husband and I made a decision to purchase a new computer for my daughter. A good investment and much needed as she enters high school this fall. She is a very motivated young lady and has already decided college will be her next step, along with a career as a Real Estate Agent. She will use this laptop for a good while and we were excited to be able to give it to her.

I did my usual step by step, methodical process to any decision. This drives my husband nuts, but it is just who I am and no way around it. Step 1: Ask all my closest, inner circle, friends who buy and know computers for help. Questions like –  Where should I go locally and online? What do you suggest? Got any referrals for me?

Then I reached out to my wonderful computers and took full use of the search engines. As my daughter says, Google has it all! Final step, run around town and see if any of these laptops can be found for a less expensive price. In the end, I left the decision, based upon several options, to my husband and daughter. They know all the capacity requirements for memory and other details needed and I was happy to know the decision was made and an action would be taken.

They ended up with an ASUS computer and I have to say that for the price (around $300), it is an awesome laptop. She uses it to video chat (constantly as she could NOT be out of touch with her bff), she plays games, is a Facebook junkie (like mom and dad) and also is able to work on Power Point documents. It is really crisp and clear as far as her resolutions. I am impressed.

Then, ASUS Computers sent me an application to enter a contest for my small business to win a new laptop (state of the art) or computers for my offices! I completed the application but really did not think much of it. Then here we are in the running – amazing!

I usually don’t ask for help but sometimes, it is what you have to do! Please vote for us at the link below! And share it with your friends for us!

Here’s some of what I could use these computers for in our business –

A new laptop would be marvelous for me. I love my Dell Notebook but meeting with clients to review with them their new social media platforms at Facebook, You Tube and more will be much more visible in this new laptop. I will be able to show them and work with them to improve graphics, backgrounds and feeds in a much faster pace as this new laptop will run at the speed of light compared to my Dell Notebook!

In addition, I have my family and team members who use the computers in our home offices in Pasadena to serve our clients. Having more computers will mean more team members can work at one time! I will be able to train several folks at one time with multiple systems.

The most exciting part of all this to me is that if my business wins the new computers, I will be able to send a newer computer to our team member in Pennsylvania. She is in dire need of a faster, better computer and would be thrilled! It would mean her life would be easier and she could help our wonderful clients and hers better! It makes my life so happy when I can help others, too!

Vote for us – Please and Thanks so much for your support!!! 🙂


The Importance of a Tidy Home Office

Written by Dianne Westrook, Team Member at Virtual Assistance by Anita

The importance of organization cannot be overstated; it affects all areas of our life. As a Virtual Assistant, I have found that an untidy workplace can be one of the biggest pitfalls for the work at home employee, however, following a few simple steps each day will help you maintain a tidy workplace, improve your mood and increase productivity.

Begin and end each day with a clean desk. When you begin your day with a clean, tidy space it will make you feel refreshed and ready for the busy day ahead. At the end of each work day, make a point to clean off your desk and rid the area of the pile of stuff that has accumulated. Throw out, or shred, any unnecessary memos, scrap paper, and old documents that have cluttered your desk.

Utilizing the appropriate home office furniture will improve productivity by helping you stay organized:

  • Purchase a desk that has shelves or drawers, and a small file cabinet so that organization is made easier.
  • Establish stations in your workspace, so that you always know your home office supplies, tools, and resources have their place.
  • House reference material in bookcases, and establish a printing station.

Make home office supplies accessible. Keep your home office supplies at the ready, so that you can easily grab what you need when you need it. Place the most frequently used items at close range, and move other necessary, but less frequently used, items to a supply drawer or decorative storage box. If you frequently use a memo pad or a stapler, don’t keep those items in a cabinet across the room.

Create a Memo Station and reduce the mess. Hang a Multifunction Memo Board above or beside your desk where you can write to-do lists and other important notes. These boards have a cork portion, that allows you to hang memos on the board with push pins, and a dry erase portion for keeping important visual notes and for writing things down quickly without having to waste paper. Dry erase boards are also magnetic. In addition, having a memo station will cut down on missed appointments and forgotten phone numbers, because you will have a neat and organized place to store them. Another helpful tip is to keep your daily planner close to the memo station, so that if you have to quickly jot down a number on the dry erase board, you can then transfer it to your address book.

Besides keeping your work area clutter free, remember to open up the curtains and windows to let the fresh air and sunshine in. Sunlight is known to be associated with happiness, combat depression, is a natural mood enhancer and stimulator, and can be rejuvenating. In winter months, use essential oils or scented crystals to keep you productive, and you may want to consider purchasing a light box for times when sunlight may be minimal.

Begin and end each day with a clean desk and you will improve your productivity, mood and your quality of life!

You can have a Professional Email Signature!

People ask me this all the time – How do I get an Email signature that shows my social media icons and has some style to it? Maybe a splash of color, or a hyperlink, even a photo would be nice!

All of this and more is possible and for – Free! Just check out WiseStamp which gives you the ability to set up an Email signature with Gmail, AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail. They welcome these browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome!

In just moments you can create a personal and business signature. You can add color, fonts, sizing and more! It is very user friendly for adding the social media buttons for places like Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and more. As it is simply a matter of adding the url into the box and Viola it creates the icon and inserts it into your signature for you!

In addition there are settings for adding your signature automatically every time you compose a new email. I adore this feature as it makes it super easy to do and not have to worry about it! Visit WiseStamp today!!

If you are an Outlook user, please check out my friend Michelle Mangen’s data on how to add a Twitter (or other icon) to your email from Outlook.  Click here to read Michelle’s article!

And enjoy your day!!


Virtual Assistance by Anita is One Year Old!

dragonfly - mooonYes, It’s true. My business, Virtual Assistance by Anita will celebrate a one year anniversary on 12-31-2010. One year ago on New Year’s Eve, I launched my website. It was the first week of January 2010 that I received my business cards!

I cannot type one document in the past month where I add the date without thinking about it. Last year at this time I was creating my website; I was learning Word Press, and I was still wondering if this ‘new’ business was going to work.  Were clients really going to come?  Was I really going to be able to provide the services that I envisioned.  During this time, many other Virtual Assistants (VAs), friends, and business associates were helping me.  In one year, I have realized success by having many new, wonderful clients, but also I realized strength within me I never realized I possessed.

When you factor in that one year ago, I was still learning to be a virtual assistant and most of my income was being derived from my cleaning business. One year ago, I was still struggling with the major health issues in my life. But, in May, 2010, I began to have enough clients and income to close the cleaning business which I totally disliked. My cleaning clients were angels of people, but the work was so physically hard and wrecking my health so badly, that in the end I totally hated getting out of bed on the days I had to clean. Now, my health is 100% improved. I have even begun to rebuild my immune system and gain a few pounds. 🙂

Wow – that is quite a lot for one year. You wonder why I keeping thinking about it at every turn; with every new client. I sure didn’t get here by myself – granted there was a bunch of hard work; long hours and heart that I’ve put into this business, but I have loved every moment. BUT, I would never have made it to this place without my helpers – my Earth Angels – the Givers in my life.  I read,  The Go-Giver, an inspirational and wonderful book, by Bob Burg and John David Mann,  just a little over one year ago.

I would be typing for hours if I listed every person here that has been a giver in my life and my business this past year, so if I missed you – I appreciate you and know that you were a part of my journey!  It truly has been an amazing journey as if I made a list of the many people who have helped me in one way or another in the past year, I KNOW the list would be over 100, maybe even 200 people… possibly more.

The beginning was because of that one person who just loves you; gives you that extra encouragement and a ‘gentle’ push. That person for me was Kim Wesley. She reached out to me and gave me the idea. A business of my own and a new career seemed mighty scary to me. But, Kim is the kind of friend that never gives up on you. She spent about a month last August talking to me on email about it. Kim then created a subcontractor position for me with her company, TKM Virtual Services. She helped, taught and mentored me. When December rolled around, she decided it was time for this dragonfly to fly on her own. With love, and firm determination, she gave me that final push. Kim is that one person in my life who believed in me and encouraged me. Weeks can go by and Kim and I may not talk, but I know she always there for me. She is truly the sister God didn’t give me and I am thankful every day.

Kim introduced me to Glenn Garnes. Glenn is the kind of person who always has a positive attitude! He helped me, mentored me, taught me and was one of my first clients. Glenn is the founder of The Village Connector Community News. This online newspaper only publishes the good news – no crime, politics or controversial subjects. Glenn has been instrumental in the past year of my success in this business.  Many of the clients who I am now so thrilled to work with each day are because Glenn referred them to me.  He has many special gifts and I appreciate all of them that he has shared with me.

Then there were so many people who I’ve met online. Through Twitter and Facebook, we have connected and although I never have met them in ‘person’, they are my friends. A few of these special people were Michelle Mangen of Your Virtual Assistant. Michelle taught me many things about how to be a VA. She also taught me how caring people can be. One Sunday last December when my website crashed and I was ‘freaking out’, she called me calmly, and restored Word Press, like Magic! Michelle even outsourced VA work to me in my early days as a VA last year. Another example of a ‘Giver’ in my life.

Another instrumental person in my business life this year is my friend Deneen Wilson of The Typing Bug. She gave me a month of free mentoring. Her knowledge, caring and friendship are worth more to me than all the gold in the world. Deneen has a very special place in my heart as she is always there for me.  If I sent her an email anytime, she’s there to help!

In talking about my ‘online’ friends, I must mention Marie Riddle Walker as she is the “Twitter” lady! Marie and her beautiful family live in California – all the way across the country from me, but I feel as if we are neighbors. Social media can be a wonderful place to make ‘friends’ and I have been very blessed to have some special folks reach out to me. Thanks to all of you!!!

Last January I joined a Mastermind Group facilitated by Mia & Ernest Reed. This group of folks have supported, helped and cared for me this past year. There were times they gave me the ‘courage’ I needed to take the next step of growth! Many thanks to them all for their support.  A huge hug to both Mia and Ernest as they are some of my wonderful clients and a part of my heart and family now.

The list could go on and on of all the many wonderful clients, friends and people who have touched my life and business this year, but — The point is – I have been truly given the gift of a community of love and support. As I celebrate one year as a business, I give thanks for all of you – those mentioned here and the many, many more who I have not mentioned, also!

Before I close, I must say that my Family has truly given me the wind beneath my wings to soar as a dragonfly.  My daughter, Hannah has filed for me, made labels and sometimes she knows those little tricks of Facebook that only a 12 year old knows. 🙂  My sons have been supportive in many ways, but especially as they’ve cooked and cleaned for themselves much more than ever before in their lives.  My husband, Danny, has been truly a gift to me all year; encouraging me, reading and learning more about HTML code than he ever knew before and being my partner in business!

As each of you celebrate a Happy New Year on 12-31-2010,  I will also be celebrating my one year anniversary, thanks to a ‘village’ of people! Many Hugs to all! 🙂

One person Can Make a Difference

We hear it all the time – Just One Person Can Make A Difference – One drop when added with all the other drops makes a great ocean – Or I like the visual – A candle lighting ceremony where one candle lights the person’s next you and on and on.  We each do what we can do help others and make this world a better place – one at a time.

In My Life this year One Person has made all the Difference!  And Today is her Birthday – Happy birthday to Kim Wesley!

You see, about 8 years ago I met Kim through the joy of Girl Scout leadership.  She & I have been friends through the years.  She is the kind of friend that you can call in the middle of the  night and she will magically appear with a big smile and help!  She is the kind of friend who helps everyone whom she comes into contact. I don’t have to see her every day, talk with her or communicate in any way, but I always know she is there!

Last year Kim introduced me to the world of being a Virtual Assistant.  From my time as a VA, I have  met so many wonderful people who have truly changed my life and the way that I look at my future.  I love working with the clients that I have the pleasure of serving and social media support has become such a labor of love for me.  As if that were not enough – Kim also introduced me to a ton of folks who created “Mother’s Self Care”.  This has been a 9 month program of improvements to my health which have created a healthier me.  I have  so much more hope for the future.  Kim may only be one person, but she has truly made a huge difference in my life, especially in this past year.

It is through Kim’s encouragement to become a VA that I have met a community of people that support and help me every day.  One person can make a difference!

Many thanks to Kim and all the folks that touch my life as I approach one year as a VA and I near the end of my journey.

Happy birthday Kim! 🙂

The power of social media

Hey, now you know that term ‘the power of social media’ or  ‘the power of the Internet’ has crossed your path lately.  It is used in news about social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and by lots of business folks everyday.  It seems to be the new marketing phrase.  “The power of social media”  I didn’t buy into this 100% until recently when I had several direct personal experiences with it.

First, since becoming a Virtual Assistant, I have ‘the power of social media’ in my life everyday as I make new friends and am able to reconnect with old friends.

But, it is when I experienced ‘the power of social media’ as a direct result of a status update that made me really ‘believe’ in this creature.  Recently, I purchased a new ‘used’ car.  I was very impressed with the service that the dealership provided to me.  It seemed like the obvious thing to do to post a status update at Facebook on my personal profile on how great they were at Auto-Net Sales.  In just a few days, a friend called me.  She was having lunch with a friend of hers. During their conversation, the subject had arisen that her friend was in the market for a car.  My friend remembered my post about the car dealership and wanted to get more information.  She called me.  “The power of social media!”

Another especially great example in my life of ‘the power of social media’ was through a donation of Girl Scout cookies by a friend’s business, Mobile Car Wash and Detailing.  Ernest Reed purchased the cookies to help my girls and the U. S. soldiers.  I then posted a thank you on his Facebook Fan page for Mobile Car Wash and Detailing along with the link to the GSCM U.S. Mint program, where others could donate Girl Scout cookies to U. S. soldiers.

Business folks that I respect have been telling me for a few months now how important being involved on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and so many more that I am beginning to experience.  As a Virtual Assistant, I explain everyday to business folks the value of having a Facebook Fan page for their business.  “The power of social media” is really a true concept! 🙂

Virtual Assistant travels on new adventure

Travel has always been something that I said I would do when I was older and the children were raised, but here I am journeying on a new adventure.  Snowy road This travel is as a Virtual Assistant and my path is the world wide web! Like the snowy, icy road above, it has been a slippery way, but in this New Year and with my friends, I will take flight, like the dragonfly over the Ocean!

I have been given an opportunity to travel along with other self employed, small business owners as I launch my own business!   I have told quite a few folks lately,  “I am flying on my own now.”   This is inspired by the dragonfly that I so love.

Seriously though, Here I am.  I am starting a new Virtual Assistant business with a new self hosted website – www.anitamhicks.com !  The road here has been a bit rough and I think my dragonfly’s wings are still damp!   No matter – onward!   In 2010,  Virtual Assistance by Anita will take flight and soar into business.

This flight so far has been supported and guided by my wonderful husband, Danny.  He has, out of necessity, become my web designer, my ‘how does this code work’ person, my co-pilot and my encouragement!  A big thanks to him!

It is by the blessing of my friends and their excellent advice, help and encouragement that my business, like my beautiful blue dragonfly, is flying along this new path!  Great thanks must go to Kim Wesley and Glenn Garnes.  They are my solid rock that all dragonflies must have before taking flight.   A huge thank you to my awesome friend, help and WordPress Super Woman, Michelle Mangen.   Another amazing person in the creation and design of the new website, Deneen Wilson!  A huge hug goes to her for the beautiful, blue dragonfly and for many hours of support to me!  These folks are the reason that Virtual Assistance by Anita will fly over the snowy places and into the warmth of the sun  in 2010!

There are many more folks who have reached out to me via the Internet to give me their honest input and help with regard to my business.  I really appreciate you all — Marie, Sandra, and Kathleen, are  just a few!  It is a truly amazing place here in my virtual world.

Just a few short months ago, I read the book  The Go-Giver.  The principles of giving, without expecting anything in return, are outlined in this book!  It was one of my first inspirations for becoming a Virtual Assistant.  I can see that there are people in the world who are willing to help you, just because, without expecting anything in return.   It has been my personal experience in the past month alone that dozens of folks have reached out to me.   A select few have become my close friends.

Happy 2010!  Happy New Year!  Come on over and visit me at www.anitamhicks.com!  Leave a comment,  Please !  Tell me what you think!  I love input! 🙂