Using “Facebook as Page” Can Be Helpful!

Recently Facebook added a new feature to Facebook Pages which can be very helpful if you are the Owner or Admin of a Page you are using for business!

The Facebook Pages now show down the right side a place where it says “Use Facebook as…” and the name of your Page.  When you click on this you essentially become the Page.  To go back to your personal name/profile, just click on Account (upper right) and click where it says “Use Facebook as” and your name.

When you become the Page, you can see the recent people who have “Liked” your page or as it used be called, have become fans.  This is useful as sometimes I see the numbers going up and am not sure who was last! 🙂 And you can see notifications of comments, likes etc for your Page.  This is nice.

But what really motivated me to write about this new added feature to Facebook Pages is – Now since you are the Page, if you go visit another Page, you can comment as your business Page.  So my Page, Virtual Assistance by Anita, can then go out to another page, let’s say Village Connector and comment as the page.  You can say thank you or give some positive input.  When you post, it will leave the link to your Page.  This could be very helpful for businesses trying to establish or build relationships!

Take Action! Try it out today and let me know what you think! I love comments!  Find me on Facebook at – Virtual Assistance by Anita!

Sending out wishes to all for a smooth flight in life and social media – from my dragonflies

Are You Advertising Your Social Media for Business?

facebookWe all have a similar goal when we use social media marketing for business – we want to connect with our potential customers and current customers.

Are you completely advertising your social media campaigns?

twitterDo you have social media icons (buttons)  for your Facebook page, Twitter, Linked In or You Tube at your website?  What about as a part of your email signature?

youtubeHave you had fliers printed or business cards lately?  Do you have the url for any of your social media on them?  Even if you have one of them with a familiar icon – you can direct them to the other social media sites by posting links cross referencing your accounts.

What about that?  Do you post content on your Facebook Page for business asking folks to follow you at Twitter and vice versus?

linkedinAre you advertising to your new clients?  When you send them a welcome email or call, ask them to join you on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc.

Remember to have a comprehensive marketing plan for your business.  Have a beautiful day!

Are you having Difficulty Seeing the small Font?

Well, if you are reading this and you are having troubles seeing the font, I have a hint for you!  It is a very neat trick taught to me over a year ago now by a special friend from Georgia.  You hold down your “CTRL” (Control) Key and at the same time scroll UP.  This will enlarge your font.  To reset it to standard settings just hold down ‘CTRL’ and the “0′ (zero).

The same thing can be accomplished by changing your resolution settings or the font that is standard for your Internet Browser or computer.  But, I like this little trick.

Quite a few folks have said this has helped them when I’ve posted it at Facebook and other social media sites so I thought I’d send out a blog about it.

Sending ‘warm wishes’ to all!

Make sure whatever you do, you soar to the highest heights at it! u18889761

Virtual Assistance by Anita is One Year Old!

dragonfly - mooonYes, It’s true. My business, Virtual Assistance by Anita will celebrate a one year anniversary on 12-31-2010. One year ago on New Year’s Eve, I launched my website. It was the first week of January 2010 that I received my business cards!

I cannot type one document in the past month where I add the date without thinking about it. Last year at this time I was creating my website; I was learning Word Press, and I was still wondering if this ‘new’ business was going to work.  Were clients really going to come?  Was I really going to be able to provide the services that I envisioned.  During this time, many other Virtual Assistants (VAs), friends, and business associates were helping me.  In one year, I have realized success by having many new, wonderful clients, but also I realized strength within me I never realized I possessed.

When you factor in that one year ago, I was still learning to be a virtual assistant and most of my income was being derived from my cleaning business. One year ago, I was still struggling with the major health issues in my life. But, in May, 2010, I began to have enough clients and income to close the cleaning business which I totally disliked. My cleaning clients were angels of people, but the work was so physically hard and wrecking my health so badly, that in the end I totally hated getting out of bed on the days I had to clean. Now, my health is 100% improved. I have even begun to rebuild my immune system and gain a few pounds. 🙂

Wow – that is quite a lot for one year. You wonder why I keeping thinking about it at every turn; with every new client. I sure didn’t get here by myself – granted there was a bunch of hard work; long hours and heart that I’ve put into this business, but I have loved every moment. BUT, I would never have made it to this place without my helpers – my Earth Angels – the Givers in my life.  I read,  The Go-Giver, an inspirational and wonderful book, by Bob Burg and John David Mann,  just a little over one year ago.

I would be typing for hours if I listed every person here that has been a giver in my life and my business this past year, so if I missed you – I appreciate you and know that you were a part of my journey!  It truly has been an amazing journey as if I made a list of the many people who have helped me in one way or another in the past year, I KNOW the list would be over 100, maybe even 200 people… possibly more.

The beginning was because of that one person who just loves you; gives you that extra encouragement and a ‘gentle’ push. That person for me was Kim Wesley. She reached out to me and gave me the idea. A business of my own and a new career seemed mighty scary to me. But, Kim is the kind of friend that never gives up on you. She spent about a month last August talking to me on email about it. Kim then created a subcontractor position for me with her company, TKM Virtual Services. She helped, taught and mentored me. When December rolled around, she decided it was time for this dragonfly to fly on her own. With love, and firm determination, she gave me that final push. Kim is that one person in my life who believed in me and encouraged me. Weeks can go by and Kim and I may not talk, but I know she always there for me. She is truly the sister God didn’t give me and I am thankful every day.

Kim introduced me to Glenn Garnes. Glenn is the kind of person who always has a positive attitude! He helped me, mentored me, taught me and was one of my first clients. Glenn is the founder of The Village Connector Community News. This online newspaper only publishes the good news – no crime, politics or controversial subjects. Glenn has been instrumental in the past year of my success in this business.  Many of the clients who I am now so thrilled to work with each day are because Glenn referred them to me.  He has many special gifts and I appreciate all of them that he has shared with me.

Then there were so many people who I’ve met online. Through Twitter and Facebook, we have connected and although I never have met them in ‘person’, they are my friends. A few of these special people were Michelle Mangen of Your Virtual Assistant. Michelle taught me many things about how to be a VA. She also taught me how caring people can be. One Sunday last December when my website crashed and I was ‘freaking out’, she called me calmly, and restored Word Press, like Magic! Michelle even outsourced VA work to me in my early days as a VA last year. Another example of a ‘Giver’ in my life.

Another instrumental person in my business life this year is my friend Deneen Wilson of The Typing Bug. She gave me a month of free mentoring. Her knowledge, caring and friendship are worth more to me than all the gold in the world. Deneen has a very special place in my heart as she is always there for me.  If I sent her an email anytime, she’s there to help!

In talking about my ‘online’ friends, I must mention Marie Riddle Walker as she is the “Twitter” lady! Marie and her beautiful family live in California – all the way across the country from me, but I feel as if we are neighbors. Social media can be a wonderful place to make ‘friends’ and I have been very blessed to have some special folks reach out to me. Thanks to all of you!!!

Last January I joined a Mastermind Group facilitated by Mia & Ernest Reed. This group of folks have supported, helped and cared for me this past year. There were times they gave me the ‘courage’ I needed to take the next step of growth! Many thanks to them all for their support.  A huge hug to both Mia and Ernest as they are some of my wonderful clients and a part of my heart and family now.

The list could go on and on of all the many wonderful clients, friends and people who have touched my life and business this year, but — The point is – I have been truly given the gift of a community of love and support. As I celebrate one year as a business, I give thanks for all of you – those mentioned here and the many, many more who I have not mentioned, also!

Before I close, I must say that my Family has truly given me the wind beneath my wings to soar as a dragonfly.  My daughter, Hannah has filed for me, made labels and sometimes she knows those little tricks of Facebook that only a 12 year old knows. 🙂  My sons have been supportive in many ways, but especially as they’ve cooked and cleaned for themselves much more than ever before in their lives.  My husband, Danny, has been truly a gift to me all year; encouraging me, reading and learning more about HTML code than he ever knew before and being my partner in business!

As each of you celebrate a Happy New Year on 12-31-2010,  I will also be celebrating my one year anniversary, thanks to a ‘village’ of people! Many Hugs to all! 🙂

Tag – You’re It!

Lately quite a few folks ask me about how to ‘Tag some one in a post or a photo’ at Facebook”.  Tag – You’re it!

Here are a few tips for how and when you might want to do this.

This is a pretty recent feature that Facebook has added. To Tag someone’s personal profile or their fan page at Facebook – Just follow these few steps:

To Tag someone or a fan page in a post –

  1. Type in @ + the name of the person or the name of the fan page (@ is the shift + number 2)
  2. This will bring up your list of friends or fan pages
  3. Choose the appropriate one from the list
  4. Now in the post you should see that this is a ‘clickable link’ or hyperlink to the person’s profile or the fan page
  5. This allows your friends to easily be able to locate this person or fan page
  6. In addition when you share your post, it will appear on that person’s profile (wall) or on their fan page

A very good use of this is if you want to thank them for something they have done for you.  For example you could post – “Thank you to @ + the name of someone and say thanks for helping me today.  This tells all of your network of folks that you appreciate this person.

To Tag a picture:

  1. Just click on the button below the picture that says “Tag someone in picture”
  2. Or click on the photo in the album
  3. Begin typing their name and it will bring up your list again
  4. This time check off the box next to the person’s name

I hope this little tidbit of information has helped some of you that have been asking! 

TAG – You’re it! 🙂


How much hope do you have in you life?

Most of us just feel like this is a word. Something that we use in sentences like “I hope that it doesn’t rain or I hope that I can achieve my goals in business.” But, do you really have hopes?  Moms will often say they hope that they will dance at their daughter’s wedding.

I said for the past 7 years that I would only be at my daughter’s wedding in spirit. She knew that I had little hope of seeing my now 12 year old daughter to her wedding day. She knew that mom did not have hope that her body would make it that far. However, I’ve had plenty of hope that God would give me all that I needed to be there in spirit. Quite often over the past 7 years, I would say to my husband or my best friend, “Please, be there for Hannah.”

Now, I have HOPE. The hope that I will dance at my daughter’s wedding.

My issues have been all about decaying teeth, which in turn infected my gums and then went into my blood stream. After many years of being a stay at home mom with no insurance, I had accepted my situation.  There was no way to financially repair the situation after all the 20 years that it took to get this far along.  And, After all, it was a sacrifice well made to be with my children, as they took their first steps, or went to the first day of school, or just walked in the door and yelled mom – and I was there.  It was a blessing to have that opportunity with my children.

Most folks don’t realize that decaying teeth, means infection, bacteria that creates not only a situation in your mouth, but also in your body This can have long term negative effects on your health.  Then there is the not eating.   How are you to eat fresh fruits, vegetables or even proteins, with very little teeth or ones that cause you extreme pain. It is a vicious circle. One that I have experienced firsthand.

If you are in need of dental work and you allow it to continue on without professional assistance, it will infect your entire body, take over your life and leave you in a place where there is no reason to hope.

I have HOPE now though. This year through the love of one of my best friends in this world, and many others caring and generosity, I have been given an incredible gift of Mother’s Self Care. My surgeries are completed and all the infection is gone. Soon I will have an extreme smile makeover.

But, more than that I have been given a healthier future. A chance to eat healthy foods again, gain weight, be less tired and less prone to sickness. To me though, the most incredible gift is that I have learned balance. I am learning to take care of myself and take care of my family, my volunteer work as a Girl Scout leader and my business.

Above all of that is the amazing and caring gift of HOPE. I have hope that I will dance at my daughter’s wedding, I may be able to live at the beach and volunteer for my beloved Girl Scouting program for many more years. There is HOPE that I have a future.  Lately many friends, who are like Angels on Earth to me, have given me hope that my new VA business will succeed, also.

Many thanks to Kim Wesley and all of my many Mother’s Self Care sponsors and friends that have helped me.
I am almost at the end of the process and now I will be able to smile on the outside with what I feel on the inside very soon.   My heart is filled with much gratitude.

Goals can be achieved…Dreams do come true!


Happy May! I love May as this past week was my birthday, it’s warm and sunny and lots of good stuff seems to be happening to me always in the month of May.  I have to say that this week has brought a few exciting events to  my life and I just had to take a moment to share with all.  I have not blogged in a while and thought my wonderful network of friends might want an update.

My ‘Goal’ was set last fall as a result of being in a business that made me want to stay in bed every day.  My clients were wonderful people, but the work I was doing made me feel sad, lost and as if my life was not heading in the right direction.  This is where Kim Wesley entered my life with much support, help, encouragement and guidance.  Kim is a special friend and truly like a sister to me.  She introduced me to the career of being a Virtual Assistant.  Through her mentoring and connections, I joined social media networks.  She connected my life with people that have truly transformed my life.  Together by the end of 2009, we had come to the realization that the goal was to exit the old, ‘yucky’ business as soon as I could obtain enough clients.

It is my extreme joy and excitement to announce that – Goals can be achieved and Dreams do come true – because this week I gave notice to my old, yucky business.  I am now a full time, 100% Virtual Assistant!  Woo Hoo! I love being a VA!  It is one of the most exciting, wonderful and awesome decisions that I ever made (with great encouragement from my friends and family).

This year of 2010 has given me so many wonderful blessings, so many new friends and opportunities that are beyond any goal or dream I could have ever imagined by myself.  It would fill a book to name each of the friends that have helped me, guided me and surrounded me with a community of love and support.  It is my great pleasure to call some of these folks my clients, also!  Hmmm… A book is not a bad idea.  Maybe a future goal.  It could be entitled “Every connection really does count”  because that is how I feel.  My life has transformed because the people that I have connected with have helped me, with no thought of what they were going to get in return.

My life is already filled with all of these opportunities, but in addition, I have been given an incredible gift this year,   Mother’s Self Care – See Kim’s blog for more details – but the short version is that I was given a new extreme smile makeover.  This week my new smile will arrive and by next week I will be experiencing a new me that I could never envision before.  My new network of friends are teaching me to dream big dreams!   It has given so much new hope to my life.  Again, I could write a book to thank all the numerous people who I would love to thank over and over for this incredible, amazing gift, but maybe later with the book.  Back to work for me, now.  Thanks for tuning in for my dragonfly’s recent adventures 🙂

Since I shared – why don’t you – What exciting, wonderful opportunities are happening in your life?

Virtual Assistant travels on new adventure

Travel has always been something that I said I would do when I was older and the children were raised, but here I am journeying on a new adventure.  Snowy road This travel is as a Virtual Assistant and my path is the world wide web! Like the snowy, icy road above, it has been a slippery way, but in this New Year and with my friends, I will take flight, like the dragonfly over the Ocean!

I have been given an opportunity to travel along with other self employed, small business owners as I launch my own business!   I have told quite a few folks lately,  “I am flying on my own now.”   This is inspired by the dragonfly that I so love.

Seriously though, Here I am.  I am starting a new Virtual Assistant business with a new self hosted website – !  The road here has been a bit rough and I think my dragonfly’s wings are still damp!   No matter – onward!   In 2010,  Virtual Assistance by Anita will take flight and soar into business.

This flight so far has been supported and guided by my wonderful husband, Danny.  He has, out of necessity, become my web designer, my ‘how does this code work’ person, my co-pilot and my encouragement!  A big thanks to him!

It is by the blessing of my friends and their excellent advice, help and encouragement that my business, like my beautiful blue dragonfly, is flying along this new path!  Great thanks must go to Kim Wesley and Glenn Garnes.  They are my solid rock that all dragonflies must have before taking flight.   A huge thank you to my awesome friend, help and WordPress Super Woman, Michelle Mangen.   Another amazing person in the creation and design of the new website, Deneen Wilson!  A huge hug goes to her for the beautiful, blue dragonfly and for many hours of support to me!  These folks are the reason that Virtual Assistance by Anita will fly over the snowy places and into the warmth of the sun  in 2010!

There are many more folks who have reached out to me via the Internet to give me their honest input and help with regard to my business.  I really appreciate you all — Marie, Sandra, and Kathleen, are  just a few!  It is a truly amazing place here in my virtual world.

Just a few short months ago, I read the book  The Go-Giver.  The principles of giving, without expecting anything in return, are outlined in this book!  It was one of my first inspirations for becoming a Virtual Assistant.  I can see that there are people in the world who are willing to help you, just because, without expecting anything in return.   It has been my personal experience in the past month alone that dozens of folks have reached out to me.   A select few have become my close friends.

Happy 2010!  Happy New Year!  Come on over and visit me at!  Leave a comment,  Please !  Tell me what you think!  I love input! 🙂

Helping Others..

Since I can remember as a little girl in First Grade, in Western Maryland, I have always been of belief that you should help others.  As a little girl I participated in many church and Girl Scout activities that I had the joy to help others.  From soup kitchens to sorting clothing for homeless, I believe  I’ve experienced a wide variety of helping others.  I have received more joy in these moments than in any other.

As a Virtual Assistant now, I am always searching through Social Media sites and I watch for those that are promoting helping others.  I was impressed with this video on YouTube about students helping others.  As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, I believe strongly in the Girls giving back to their communities and helping others.  I hope you will spend just a moment to watch this video:

Please – I’m always looking for feedback – Tell me Your Thoughts, ~ Anita

Virtual Magic

Patience and perseverance have a magical affect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.  John Quincy Adams

I Love this so much.  My new company that I am now officially working for is TKM Virtual Services – The Kingdom of Magic.  My wonderful owner, CEO and President, Kim A. Wesley, says that we will magically make your work get done right!  Our Faeries are here to work for you and spread pixie dust all over helping people.