My Extreme Smile is ‘almost’ Complete

🙂 Last January, I began a journey in my life of health, wellness, education and new hope for my life.  This journey is an incredible gift given to me called “Mother’s Self Care” program.  I was nominated by Kim Wesley, my very dear friend in this world.  Kim wrote this about the program – “A Mother’s Self Care” .  Patsy Anderson & Women’s Expo created the program based on Mia Redrick’s Time for Mom-Me book and organization.

My basic story is that I’ve been a mom who worked many jobs over the past 17 years in order to be home with my children.  These jobs gave me no health or dental insurance.  My teeth decayed and the infection in my gums eventually after 17 years seeped into my blood stream.  A few years ago the doctors were gravely concerned for my long term health.

This is where a Mother’s Self Care came in to my life.  Kim nominated me, Patsy located sponsors like Mia Redrick, Bob Bauer of Coffee News, the team at Transformations Fitness for Women, Cindy Carter of Cancer Support Foundation and Pat Kutchins of Just for You Gift Baskets.  In addition, there were many others who helped to raise funds, gave me nutritional help,  energy healing and surrounded me with a community of love and support.  My very caring friend, Glenn Garnes, of The Village Connector Community News, connected me to a cosmetic dental lab, Debbie Schmidt at New Image.  Debbie was the one who introduced me to my wonderful, amazing dentist, Dr. Marcus Tappan.  It has been Dr. Tappan and his awesome staff who have transformed my health into a beautiful new extreme smile.  My body is free of all infection and I am a healthier, stronger, and happier person.

I have learned balance in my life.  A valuable asset taught to me by Mia Redrick’s program, “If I take care of me, I can be more for my children, husband, clients, and my community around me.”

After all these months, I am now going to Dr. Tappan’s office next week for a final visit.  I will have to return every six months for check ups, but my journey is nearly complete.

For those who have been waiting, new photos will be uploaded by the first week in November onto my social media sites.

It has been such a learning experience!  I have learned to be more patient and that there are many people who will help you, even when they don’t know you.  I have new hope for the future.

On Monday, October 25th, 2010, Patsy Anderson invites all those who have been so helpful to me this year to the final celebration of my Mother’s Self Care.  We will be at Forest Park Golf Course, 2900 Hillsdale Road, Baltimore, MD  21207 at 10:00 am.

I appreciate the community of people who have reached out to me, assisted me and cared for me.  I am grateful every day to all of you.

My heart is filled with gratitude for this incredible gift to my life.

One person Can Make a Difference

We hear it all the time – Just One Person Can Make A Difference – One drop when added with all the other drops makes a great ocean – Or I like the visual – A candle lighting ceremony where one candle lights the person’s next you and on and on.  We each do what we can do help others and make this world a better place – one at a time.

In My Life this year One Person has made all the Difference!  And Today is her Birthday – Happy birthday to Kim Wesley!

You see, about 8 years ago I met Kim through the joy of Girl Scout leadership.  She & I have been friends through the years.  She is the kind of friend that you can call in the middle of the  night and she will magically appear with a big smile and help!  She is the kind of friend who helps everyone whom she comes into contact. I don’t have to see her every day, talk with her or communicate in any way, but I always know she is there!

Last year Kim introduced me to the world of being a Virtual Assistant.  From my time as a VA, I have  met so many wonderful people who have truly changed my life and the way that I look at my future.  I love working with the clients that I have the pleasure of serving and social media support has become such a labor of love for me.  As if that were not enough – Kim also introduced me to a ton of folks who created “Mother’s Self Care”.  This has been a 9 month program of improvements to my health which have created a healthier me.  I have  so much more hope for the future.  Kim may only be one person, but she has truly made a huge difference in my life, especially in this past year.

It is through Kim’s encouragement to become a VA that I have met a community of people that support and help me every day.  One person can make a difference!

Many thanks to Kim and all the folks that touch my life as I approach one year as a VA and I near the end of my journey.

Happy birthday Kim! 🙂

Facebook Tagging (Part 2)

Hello All,

Thanks so much to those that are reading my stuff and gave me such great input on my last post entitled “Tag – You’re It”!  This was about how to tag people in a post or a photo on Facebook.

Here are a few items that may have been unclear in my prior post –

  • When tagging some one or a fan page at Facebook, here is how it should look:

@AnitaMHicks or @VirtualAssistancebyAnita

Please note that you should begin to see your ‘friends’ list appear as you type in the name or fan page name after the @ sign.  Choose from your list the person that you wish to tag or the name of the page. When you do this, it will become a ‘clickable’ or hyperlink to their profile or page.

In a photo – Below and usually to the right in a photo album, there is a place that says “Tag your Photo”.  Click on this and you will begin the process.  Just hover over the person in the picture and your list of friends should appear.  You can simply click on the person you wish to tag.

I am hoping this helps!  I wish you all a day filled with sunshine and may you see a few dragonflies, too! 🙂

Virtual Assistant travels on new adventure

Travel has always been something that I said I would do when I was older and the children were raised, but here I am journeying on a new adventure.  Snowy road This travel is as a Virtual Assistant and my path is the world wide web! Like the snowy, icy road above, it has been a slippery way, but in this New Year and with my friends, I will take flight, like the dragonfly over the Ocean!

I have been given an opportunity to travel along with other self employed, small business owners as I launch my own business!   I have told quite a few folks lately,  “I am flying on my own now.”   This is inspired by the dragonfly that I so love.

Seriously though, Here I am.  I am starting a new Virtual Assistant business with a new self hosted website – !  The road here has been a bit rough and I think my dragonfly’s wings are still damp!   No matter – onward!   In 2010,  Virtual Assistance by Anita will take flight and soar into business.

This flight so far has been supported and guided by my wonderful husband, Danny.  He has, out of necessity, become my web designer, my ‘how does this code work’ person, my co-pilot and my encouragement!  A big thanks to him!

It is by the blessing of my friends and their excellent advice, help and encouragement that my business, like my beautiful blue dragonfly, is flying along this new path!  Great thanks must go to Kim Wesley and Glenn Garnes.  They are my solid rock that all dragonflies must have before taking flight.   A huge thank you to my awesome friend, help and WordPress Super Woman, Michelle Mangen.   Another amazing person in the creation and design of the new website, Deneen Wilson!  A huge hug goes to her for the beautiful, blue dragonfly and for many hours of support to me!  These folks are the reason that Virtual Assistance by Anita will fly over the snowy places and into the warmth of the sun  in 2010!

There are many more folks who have reached out to me via the Internet to give me their honest input and help with regard to my business.  I really appreciate you all — Marie, Sandra, and Kathleen, are  just a few!  It is a truly amazing place here in my virtual world.

Just a few short months ago, I read the book  The Go-Giver.  The principles of giving, without expecting anything in return, are outlined in this book!  It was one of my first inspirations for becoming a Virtual Assistant.  I can see that there are people in the world who are willing to help you, just because, without expecting anything in return.   It has been my personal experience in the past month alone that dozens of folks have reached out to me.   A select few have become my close friends.

Happy 2010!  Happy New Year!  Come on over and visit me at!  Leave a comment,  Please !  Tell me what you think!  I love input! 🙂

Blogs – Everyone's got one?

I have had this blog for about 3 months now.  I am forever wondering what other folks are blogging about.  I decided to do some investigating today, as my curiosity just could not stand it any longer.

I researched and found so many options but here are a few that really impressed me.  This gentleman, Evan Carmichael, has this nifty little guide – “The Top 50 Social Media Blogs of the Year“!  It has links to many other blogs of all types and subjects.  It’s pretty interesting.  It is one of those places that you can connect to a bunch more helpful sites.

One thing I thought was really interesting was that there are so many Women’s Blogs.  There is even a website that is a Directory of Blogs by Women –   I think this is so coool!  I suppose that is because I am a Woman – LOL!

There are so many seasonal blogs; like Thanksgiving sent out a pouring of “I am thankful for” so will the holidays coming in December: Christmas, Hannakah and Kwanzaa, as it is at Valentines’ Day or St. Patty’s day, my personal favorite, being Irish!

But I was actually shocked at how many of us are blogging about helping others.  We are blogging about paying it forward, about charities that we support, about videos that others are posting that are about helping others, and about our favorite organizations that we love to help.  Helping others is a top of the list subject for blogs!  Yea, this is great news as it means that many of us are doing  this – Helping others!

It seems that Everyone’s Got a Blog.  Many of us seem to be using them to communicate.

I love input – What are you blogging about? – What is your favorite subject to read about?

B  Well – Anita

Helping Others..

Since I can remember as a little girl in First Grade, in Western Maryland, I have always been of belief that you should help others.  As a little girl I participated in many church and Girl Scout activities that I had the joy to help others.  From soup kitchens to sorting clothing for homeless, I believe  I’ve experienced a wide variety of helping others.  I have received more joy in these moments than in any other.

As a Virtual Assistant now, I am always searching through Social Media sites and I watch for those that are promoting helping others.  I was impressed with this video on YouTube about students helping others.  As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, I believe strongly in the Girls giving back to their communities and helping others.  I hope you will spend just a moment to watch this video:

Please – I’m always looking for feedback – Tell me Your Thoughts, ~ Anita

Blue Marble 4Life Project

As a Virtual Assistant with TKM Virtual Services, I have been given a new, exciting chance at a career! As if that is not enough joy in my life, I’ve been also lucky enough to meet a new, dear friend, Glenn Garnes.   As the chain reaction effect goes, I have also become a member of The Relationship Marketing Center (RMC).  RMC has so many resources for me;  I could probably blog about these things, but another time.

Through The Relationship Marketing Center, I have learned of this Amazing new project – The Blue Marble 4Life and I am so Excited about it!  I am a long time believer in helping others, making our world a better place and giving back more than we take from this earth.  As a Girl Scout and Boy Scout leader, a volunteer in my community at soup kitchens and food cupboards, I try to do all for my world that I can.  

The Blue Marble 4Life project is what my life is all about.  Their mission is to spread peace and compassion.  This is such a great cause that I hope you will check out the video on their website.  In addition when you join, you become a part of the “Attitude of Gratitude”!  And – you receive a beautiful blue marble  and become connected with your world in a whole new way.  Check it out!  ~ Anita 🙂