Enjoy And Share Live Videos With Facebook Live!

Have You Heard?

Facebook wants you to enjoy live video … on Facebook! So much so that the company recently released a dedicated video space on its mobile app and online platform in the hopes that you will watch and broadcast more videos live.

1460033419-12288-Facebook-IncFacebook Live videos are real-time video posts on Facebook. Live videos from public figures you follow and your friends will appear in your News Feed. When you’re watching a live video or a video that was live, you can tap or click Subscribe to get notified the next time that Facebook account starts a live broadcast. With Facebook Live, you can show your expertise in real time, take people behind the scenes, and much more!

Facebook’s efforts to get you to watch and broadcast live videos isn’t arbitrary. With more than 1.5 billion users worldwide, Facebook and Facebook users have a real opportunity to showcase breaking news, intimate personal moments, and behind-the-scenes stories from just about anywhere in a way that surpasses TV networks and other media outlets. All of which is pretty incredible!

Before you create the next Facebook Live video for your business, personal life, a non profit or networking group you are a part of or more, be sure to review and follow five tips for creating and promoting your video from Social Media Examiner by Clicking Here.


Written by: Matt Tyson of The Virtual Assistance by Anita Team

Reach More People with your Facebook Business Page’s Content

fcbk_box_256Recently our team has been asked by multiple people for suggestions on how to have the content you post at your Facebook Business Page be seen more often and by more people in their Facebook News Feeds. This will help to increase the amount of people your Facebook Page is reaching. These people could be potential clients, could be connected to someone who may need your products or services or the people who are engaged on your Facebook Page can also help make people aware of your business.

One thing to keep in mind is that to achieve a large number of people seeing your Facebook Business Page’s posts you should focus on gaining more ‘Likes’, Comments, and Shares on the content that you are posting. The more often people are actually visiting your Facebook Business Page through the search bar and then “engaging” in your posts, the more often that your Facebook Page & it’s content will show up in their news feeds and notifications. Asking questions or taking polls are a great way to getting more people engaging with your page.

Another way to increase your visibility is to pay for a Facebook Ad, Promote or Boost a content post via a monetary amount. There are values in investing in this area of marketing, but for purposes of this writing, we are sharing how to increase your Facebook Page via organic or non-paid techniques. We’ll focus on Facebook paid advertising another time.


screen%20shot%20News%20Feed%201What we wanted to focus on here is information about the ‘See First in Your News Feed’  feature from Facebook. Once someone has ‘Liked’ a Facebook Business Page, they can then choose to see posts and receive notifications from that page more often. If you are the Admin of the Facebook Page, we suggest you do this! The way accomplish this is:  Visit the Facebook Business Page & Hover over where it says ‘Liked’ as seen in the screen shot.

screen%20shot%20News%20Feed%202Next, Select ‘See First’ for News Feed and select which notifications you want to see from that page. See this completed, as shown in screen shot.

Now you will receive posts from this page at the top of your Facebook news feed and receive notifications when this page posts or shares content. This is a fantastic way to educate your customers and those who already ‘Like’ your Facebook Business Page to help them see your posts more often which you could do in person or post about this on your Facebook Business Page. Also you can now utilize this for Facebook Pages that you want to see posts from more often.

We hope that you found this helpful to you! Please let us know how we may help you with social media, email or website marketing tools! 🙂

Get More Visitors to Your Facebook Page

Do you want more people to Like your Facebook Page?

Whether you are using Facebook for business, community or non-profit purposes, most of us want to get more visitors to our page. These are more visitors to read, like, comment and share our content. These are folks who may become our clients or help us with our mission.

The huge question – How?  Well, as in all things, there are many ways to attract more people to your Facebook Page. Here are a few items my team and I have learned that help:

  • Reviews – Do you have these enabled and available? Reviews at Facebook are testimonials. They offer the visitor the opportunity to give you Stars – 1 through 5 and of course, we all want “5 Stars”! Once the visitor begins to select the stars, a new window opens where they are prompted to leave wording about the page. According to a survey by Forbes, 93% of people log into the internet to find a testimonial. How do you get Reviews on your Page at Facebook? First you must include a full address in the About tab, enable the map selection for a Place setting on Google & Bing, and as if by magic, the Reviews App will appear at the left and in the More section.
  • Share – By sharing posts from your Facebook Page to your personal Facebook profile, you will reach more people. Asking others to share your posts also increases the amount of people you are reaching. This will naturally attract new people that will Like your page.
  • Facebook Ads – In most cases, online advertising is excessively expensive and the audience you reach is small compared to your outlay of funds, however, Facebook is unique. Their ads can be run with small amounts of money and you can use a budget you set in advance, rather than per click fees. Facebook Editor tool gives the ability to target certain areas or age ranges for your advertising, giving you more value for your dollar.

Questions on how to do any of these items? Contact my team and we will help!

Want to learn more about marketing & Facebook? Read this article from The Huffington Post – CLICK HERE

Leveraging Your LinkedIn Account

Do YOU want to learn tips on how to use your LinkedIn account?

Did you know? LinkedIn has recently enhanced their platform.

Attend this workshop at the beautiful Smartly Spaced offices and these are a few of the items we will discuss to assist you!

  • Events – Using LinkedIn to promote your events
  • Groups – Ways to locate groups in your area and online
  • Wording – Summary, Title and Body of Profile – key words

For details on this June 16th class or to RSVP click here.

Tips for Building Relationships using Social Media

“Tips for Building Relationships using Social Media” Workshop

Hosted at Keller Williams of the Greater Frederick area.

Do you own a business and want to use Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and You Tube to build more relationships and strengthen them?

Social Media Specialist, Anita M. Hicks, will present this one hour workshop. Her team at Virtual Assistance by Anita have launched hundreds of social media marketing packages for folks!

They are here to help you fly to new heights using social media marketing!

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Vote for us to Win New Computers

Hello again friends!  About a month ago, my husband and I made a decision to purchase a new computer for my daughter. A good investment and much needed as she enters high school this fall. She is a very motivated young lady and has already decided college will be her next step, along with a career as a Real Estate Agent. She will use this laptop for a good while and we were excited to be able to give it to her.

I did my usual step by step, methodical process to any decision. This drives my husband nuts, but it is just who I am and no way around it. Step 1: Ask all my closest, inner circle, friends who buy and know computers for help. Questions like –  Where should I go locally and online? What do you suggest? Got any referrals for me?

Then I reached out to my wonderful computers and took full use of the search engines. As my daughter says, Google has it all! Final step, run around town and see if any of these laptops can be found for a less expensive price. In the end, I left the decision, based upon several options, to my husband and daughter. They know all the capacity requirements for memory and other details needed and I was happy to know the decision was made and an action would be taken.

They ended up with an ASUS computer and I have to say that for the price (around $300), it is an awesome laptop. She uses it to video chat (constantly as she could NOT be out of touch with her bff), she plays games, is a Facebook junkie (like mom and dad) and also is able to work on Power Point documents. It is really crisp and clear as far as her resolutions. I am impressed.

Then, ASUS Computers sent me an application to enter a contest for my small business to win a new laptop (state of the art) or computers for my offices! I completed the application but really did not think much of it. Then here we are in the running – amazing!

I usually don’t ask for help but sometimes, it is what you have to do! Please vote for us at the link below! And share it with your friends for us!

Here’s some of what I could use these computers for in our business –

A new laptop would be marvelous for me. I love my Dell Notebook but meeting with clients to review with them their new social media platforms at Facebook, You Tube and more will be much more visible in this new laptop. I will be able to show them and work with them to improve graphics, backgrounds and feeds in a much faster pace as this new laptop will run at the speed of light compared to my Dell Notebook!

In addition, I have my family and team members who use the computers in our home offices in Pasadena to serve our clients. Having more computers will mean more team members can work at one time! I will be able to train several folks at one time with multiple systems.

The most exciting part of all this to me is that if my business wins the new computers, I will be able to send a newer computer to our team member in Pennsylvania. She is in dire need of a faster, better computer and would be thrilled! It would mean her life would be easier and she could help our wonderful clients and hers better! It makes my life so happy when I can help others, too!

Vote for us – Please and Thanks so much for your support!!! 🙂