About Anita

Anita M Hicks, Virtual Assistance

Anita M. Hicks, Owner & Founder of Virtual Assistance by Anita

Virtual Assistance
In one capacity or another for the past 20 years, I have provided administrative services, organizational skills, telephone support, computer programming and help to others.Virtual Assistance

I am a perfectionist!  I will pay great attention to all the details for you.

The greatest asset to my business is it’s people. I am thrilled to have some talented and dedicated team members!

A bit about me personally

I am married to a wonderful husband, and best friend, Danny.

I have 3 beautiful children – Matthew, D

J and Hannah


I love to volunteer! In recent years my energies have been as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, but generally, I like to help in any way that can make a difference to my community and world.

And, I love Dragonflies! They are so beautiful, represent light; and live in the air and water!  The power of the dragonfly is they dart around, leaving a trail of light, color and joy in other creatures’  lives!!  These are the characteristics that I wish to have in my life; to leave a trail of light and help for others.Virtual Assistance

How may I help you?   Anita@AnitaMHIcks.com